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Hotel Carlsbad Plaza

Hotel Carlsbad Plaza

Stars: 5
City: Karlovy Vary



The Carlsbad Plaza is the first 5star spa & wellness hotel in Karlovy Vary, opened in December 2005. Hotel Carlsbad Plaza is located in the quiet ambience of the spa zone, in the vicinity of the spa facility Lazne I. (Spa I). Here, you will find everything what you expect from a deluxe and top class international hotel, including a swimming pool and conference facilities and equipment. The reconstruction of the historical building from the late 18th century, which was known as Rudolfshof (Rudolph's Court) and which, since the beginning of its existence, had been providing services at first to travellers and later to spa guests, among others also to the first Turkish President, Kemal Atatuerk, has remodelled this architectural gem into its modern lay out on the inside, while fully preserving its outer historical appearance. The modern spa facilities in connection with traditional cures provide the best combination for treatments. In its 160 guest rooms, the Carlsbad Plaza offers comfortable and luxurious accommodation and all the services that may be required by modern 21st century travellers. An exquisite menu with international cuisine, which would be relished even by the most fabled of fairy tale kings, world wine brands and a pleasant relaxing atmosphere is offered by three restaurants, cafes, and bars. The cosy interior of the Sorrento Restaurant, which will take you on a short journey back to the time of your summer vacation by the sea, with its abundant buffet tables available throughout the day, or perhaps the refined atmosphere of the "La Boheme" Restaurant with its marvellous French cuisine and a not less outstanding French chef, an enticing wine card and irresistible desserts will create a private oasis of peace and ease especially for you. This will be most certainly augmented by the appetizing aroma of the specialities of Oriental cuisine offered by the "Sweet Orient" Restaurant and prepared by a genuine chef from Laos. Delicious sushi, delicate kung-pao, and its eye-appealing interior evoking the picturesque landscape of the lands of the Orient will undoubtedly attract you to come and enjoy pleasant moments with your friends. You may end your pleasurable afternoon spent at the cosy "Bon Soire" Cafe in the private atmosphere of the "Old Times" Bar with excellent music and an alluring air of the Victorian era. The nostalgic picturesque ambience of the ancient spa town with its typical atmosphere and "genius locci" of the old times may be found in the first Wellnessland in Karlovy Vary, in the "Alt Karlsbad". Take advantage of actively regenerating your mental and physical strength and select from a wide variety of procedures in the "Wasserplatz" with a thermidarium, two pools with a whirlpool and thermal mineral water, or a large swimming pool with a counterflow jet. You will personally experience the effect of seven kinds of sauna in the "Saunadorf", slow down your pulse in the tranquil atmosphere of the "Relaxgarten" with heated sunbeds and water beds and relaxing music, and indulge in the pampering experience of unbelievably pleasant and effective Thai massages that will undoubtedly get you in a pleasant mood. Moreover, you can complement your lost calories with a small dainty in the Kaiserhof Bar and hush up your twinges of conscience by thorough exercise in the fitness centre.

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