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Hotel Golden Bay Beach

Hotel Golden Bay Beach

Stars: 5
City: Larnaca



Welcome to Golden Bay hotel The Golden Bay Beach Hotel is an exclusive 5 star hotel Set in mature landscaped gardens of tropical palms and vibrant flowers, bordering a long sandy beach on the island of Cyprus, the jewel of the eastern Mediterranean. Situated in the favoured south eastern region of Cyprus at the heart of the Bay of Larnaca, The Golden Bay is a world class haven of luxury. Just outside the town of Larnaca, only 14 kilometres from the international Airport, The Golden bay is the ideal choice for both the business traveller and the discerning holiday maker. Attention to detail is a byword at the Golden bay, everything is taken care of promptly and courteously yet with a discretion that is not intrusive. Our highly trained staff pride themselves on their professionalism and deliver a level of service par excellence. For the Businessman The Golden Bay boasts excellent conference & meeting facilities, a state of the art business center and on-line secretarial and technical services meetings. For families the hotel has a dedicated mini club with indoor facilities and a garden playground for games and outside activities. Professional child minders take care of the children throughout the day with a full program of activities. Mini suites cater specifically for families with spacious interiors,private terraces and shared Jacuzzis. Larnaca is the oldest living city of Cyprus and was originally known as Kition, or Kittium. Legend has it that the first settlement at the spot was founded by Noah' s grandson Khittim. Unlike other ancient cities of Cyprus, which were abandoned by their inhabitants, Larnaca from the time of its founding 6000 years ago, has existed and still exists on the same site. Being in the crossroad of civilization from the early dawn of history, Larnaca has attracted many visitors. Some came as colonizers, others as traders and others as invaders, conquerors or tourists. The Greeks, the Persians, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Franks, the Venetians, the Turks, the British and today all the annual three million travelers and tourists entering Cyprus from the town' s Airport, Port and the Marina. The Kition City Kingdom was established by the Mycenean Greeks in the 13th century BC when it enjoyed the dual position of a rich port and a major centre of the copper trade. Remains of that period excavated in recent years can be seen in its Cyclopean walls and a complex of Mycenean temples. The very well preserved fortified port and shipyards are of a later period. Larnaca is the birthplace of the Stoic philosopher Zenon who taught in Athens in the 4th century BC. The Byzantine period of Larnaca is of great importance. It left many interesting monuments, among them the 9th century AD Basilica of Saint Lazarus. The town regained its standing during Ottoman rule when it became the diplomatic and commercial center of Cyprus. It was here that the British landed in 1878 to begin their rule of the island that was ended in 1960. The recent history of the town follows the very fast development of all of the country. In 1973 the population of Larnaca was 22.000. In 1974 Turkey invaded the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish army displaced by force about 200.000 Greek-Cypriots, the inhabitants of its Northern part. Larnaca received and welcomed over 40.000 refugees, thus tripling its population overnight, now at 65.000.

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